What means magic word: „simple”?

Let’s start from the beginning.
The start should be simple and I think you hear that all time.

But what means simple?
For beginner simple is e.g. get input from console but hard is create arkanoid clone. For expert this things are simple. So at first you have to decide what is simple for you. Just think for a while, can you get input from console, can you calculate input, can you create window, can you create arkanoid clone, can you code platform game, can you create rpg game or mmo, can you code physics etc. This questions are hard, because contain many parts, huge parts. And on this parts we have to focus.

Start simple doesn’t mean start small. Start simple means start from small things and upgrade. Every step will be as simple as it’s possible. When you want to create rpg, don’t code all player stats, all items and all things which you don’t use. It needless when you start. The proper way is code only player as sprite you can move, next add health bar, next add walls and colliding player with them. Next you add everything step by step.

Here is most important thing. Don’t start coding everything but only things you need. When you start player don’t need intelligence or attack, because  don’t use them. We need only position and speed. After that we can add next simple thing, like showing health bar.

So simple doesn’t mean small, means you should create simpler parts of your idea and realize them step by step.

Hope you think about it.
See you 🙂

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