Quality and Idea

Today I want to talk about ideas and quality.

I saw many games where ideas were awesome. Unfortunately often the games are pretty ugly. I don’t know what make that, but games are not only code. Programmers think: „I’m coder. I don’t need awesome graphic. It’s just prototype.”

When game is ugly with awesome idea, the game is still ugly.
When game is nice with awesome idea, the game is AWESOME!
When game is nice with poor idea, the game is just boring.

Boring is still better then ugly. The first view is important. When you see nice start screen, you feel the game can be pretty nice. You don’t need mega graphics with profesional elements. You can do it minimalistic. One simple shape with contrast color always looks good.

If you take a moment for creating some good looking stuff, it’s better then code new level or something. Player will see graphics all time, it’s important to create quite nice.

When you can’t draw, just find somebody who create graphic for you. Show him your ugly game. If you don’t have money for that, many peoples can do it to portfolio, for free. They look on your game, not like ugly game, but like the game can look when they create new awesome graphic.

So If you think have awesome idea, just create prototype. Share it and ask for feedback, tell them you create new graphic or need somebody to do that.

Ok, now we have awesome graphic and idea. But what if idea is not good?
What when we don’t know how to make it cool? I don’t want to waste your time, just watch this and you understand:

And don’t forget about sounds and music. Music add many live to game. Add new layer of feelings. It add quality to games. When I started I always miss that simple thing: sounds. When I add later some sounds I was amazed. The game was better, much better. Sounds make that you can feel what you do: ohh, I touch this, ohh, it bounce; and you see and hear that. More senses are used and it make game better. You don’t need to create awesome sounds, just basic, even from the internet. Simple sounds are easier to remember. Look this:


Remember: Quality is important like idea. Sometimes bad idea may become good. Just add some quality.

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