Learning languages – easy way? No way!


Nice to see you again. Today I want to write something about language learning.

For now I’m learning 3 languages: English (because I’m not native), German and Spanish. Frankly speaking I spend a lot of time learning. I sit and practice everyday. It’s hard and I have to focus on 3 languages, not only one, so…

Firstly, I decide what languages are the most important for me. The first place get English, second – Spanish and third – German. So when I decide what I want to learn, I fully focus only on one language (in this case English), after that I do some things to learn Spanish (below about this) and I learn German only a little.

So what I do to learn language?
Let’s start with English.
First thing you probably notice is that I have a blog. It’s just about what I love and sometimes I try to post some articles. It helps me a lot with written language.
Next, I use twitter to get some fresh news and topics I’m interested in. This is nice way to understand colloquial language and improve your reading skills.
Then, I always have turned on English radio in background. Also I’m watching some youtube channels, it’s funny, easy way to improve listening.
I don’t have much time to practice my spoken English but I try to speak as often I can. I use skype or I meet someone and talk with.

Next language is Spanish.
I use Duolingo – best language learning tool ever. It fits my understanding of learning languages and it’s efficient. For now I don’t end Spanish tree but when I’ll do this, I’m going to reverse languages and learn English by Spanish. It will check my Spanish skills.
Also I try to write something in Spanish everyday. I use a small notebook and I write about my day, what I learnt or just about my thoughts. It’s not diary but my ‚ideas notebook’.
In addition, I try to watch Spanish youtube. It’s kind of funny, because even if you don’t understand everything, you can notice some words or meanings. For me it improves my listening skills.

I don’t do much to know this.
I only learn one or two hour per week, but everyday I do two lessons on Duolingo.
Sometimes I watch a youtube channel to maintain this language.
Why I still learn this language but I’m not focused in. At first I just want know English very well and speak Spanish fluently but I don’t want to start with nothing, so I just slowly introduce myself with this language.

In sum, I spend a lof of time learning. It’s hard but I’m never going to give up!

If you have any question, just ask.
See you.
Bye 🙂

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