Learning German


What’s up? Or maybe Wie geht’s?

I am learning German for 6 months. It’s a long time, but I don’t think I’m fluent or pro. Besides I feel very well using German. Why?


I didn’t rush

Sometimes I learn 100/200 words per week. But sometimes I didn’t do anything for next 2 weeks. I let words, sentences or grammar set up in my mind. I just didn’t learning new things. Sometimes I  recall words in my mind I was happy because I remember this  word, but when I can’t remind word, I just check this later (if I didn’t forget about it :D).


Doing speaking exercises

I speak a lot in German. I have teacher which give me words and some tasks to talk related to given words. For example I get Family topic, I get around 200 words to learn and 2 or 3 questions to talk, like ‚Tell me about your family’ or ‚How do you spend time with your parents’. It builds active vocabulary and let you use German fast, without ‚ummmmmm’ or ‚hmmmm’.



Watching some youtubers in your target language is pretty funny. But also it’s hard. They often use everyday language, speak fast or use special vocabulary related to content they are serving. I don’t understand many sentences. But when I hear one, two or even three words that I know, I am SO happy.  It’s like a game or challenge. Understand as many words as it possible for you.


For now it’s all. Later I will write more about learning German.

See you 🙂


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