Do you want to start learning programming? I feel sorry for you


Recently I have a little talk with my friend. We wondered how to start learning programming today. We came with to some conclusions. I think I was so lucky that I started learning programming some years ago.

So many possibilities

There is so many ways to start learning programming that it’s hard to choose something. We can use some special sites related to teaching programming, watch some videos on YouTube, get some tutorials from websites or read some blogs. It’s good when you can choose how do you want to learn, but check out e.g. only YouTube. There is so many videos, with so many different topics that it’s easy to get lost. You have to spend one or more hours to only find a video to start learning.

So many ways

Let’s get e.g. JavaScript. I started to check out what I can create with it. I’m searching… OK. Everything. Website? No problem. Application? No problem. Maybe server or desktop program? Yup. Or create software for IoT like arduino? Ready. Now we can use any language to create everything. Maybe it’s good but where to start? What to use?


So many languages

New year, new cool language. Everybody are talking about it. Should I learn it? I don’t know. I met with that even Pascal is used today. Only startups or some kinda ‚corpo’ can afford for a new language. Pascal, C++ and other ‚ancient’ languages (compared to new ones) will be still used and there is always job. Think about it when you choose language. In many cases you can do everything you want in only one language.


That’s the conclusions. It’s of course the advantage that it’s so fast growing and developing. But sometimes you can get stuck trying to choose something.

But no worries. You can always draw and allow your luck decide 🙂

See you

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