Daj się poznać – Get Noticed – I took a part in competition


Daj się poznać


I’ve heard about DSP2017 (Daj się poznać – Get Noticed) competition. I looked around and I found that it’s for me. Rules: create open source project and write at least 2 post per week. Great. I can develop open source app and constantly write posts on my blog.

My Game

I decided to create an app for language learning. Mainly – German. But not simple app like others, but app like a game. With points, experience, quests and buying stuff to improve main character. Sounds great. A lot of work to do. I hope I will end at least main features of the game.


What about posts? It will be hard to post twice a week a good quality content. But I will do my best. One post has to be about app I am creating and the second one should be about something related to IT.

Here is a link to competition: http://devstyle.pl/daj-sie-poznac

#DSP2017 and see you 🙂


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